After the first GOP presidential debate, it took no time for former Biden staffer turned MSNBC pundit Jen Psaki to post, “No one supports abortion up until birth.” Her reaction to GOP candidates discussing the current no-limits abortion approach from Democrats.

Clearly, vexed by this discussion, Psaki doubled down and devoted an entire segment of her show trying to explain away Democrats’ abortion on-demand position. And the queen of spin did not disappoint.

In that one segment, Psaki shifted from Democrats don’t support all-trimester abortions to I mean, they’re not cheering for late-term abortions to late-term abortions hardly ever happen to they’re saving the lives of mothers, ending with Republicans – shame on you for not supporting late-term abortions. Masterful from spin-queen Psaki.

Sadly, in her haste, Psaki forgot one crucial thing – facts are stubborn things. People were quick to remind her of her very own cover-up for President Joe Biden where she refused to list any limits that he would support on abortion, even after being pressed repeatedly.

Furthermore, her comments intentionally ignore Democrats’ newer worldview on abortion. Psaki claims no one wants later abortions. But today, you’d be hard-pressed to find any Democrat in Congress who will name a single limit on abortion that they’d support.

We all saw what happened with Robert F Kennedy Jr. this month. He shared with NBC that he supported national limits on abortion after the first trimester and then he felt the wrath. He was quickly rebuked by his Democratic consultants and made to issue a correction citing no limits. He was made to fall in line.

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It wasn’t that long ago that Democrats were allowed to dissent on the issue of abortion. There were routinely Democrats who were proudly pro-life. Today, pro-life Democrats are verboten. Today’s Democratic Party talking points forbid them from answering even one limit they would support on abortion. Just look at when Fox News directly asked Sen. Ben Cardin if Democrats support abortion up to birth and if he supported any cut-off point, he gave a firm, “No.”

Unfortunately, Democrats’ lack of diversity of thought on abortion never gets shown to the American people because the corporate media and reproductive rights journalists run cover.

Just look at what happened when an NBC reporter tried to factcheck Gov. Ron DeSantis in real time after he truthfully shared Democrats’ up-to-birth abortion stance. She hastily spit out, ”There is no indication of Democrats pushing for that.” She felt the need to gatekeep the truth from her audience despite having the facts at her fingertips.

A quick check reveals that there are already six states plus Washington D.C. that allow abortions up until birth for any reason. Forcibly gaslighting the American people and running cover for the extreme abortion position of the Democrats has become a full-time job for these reporters.

Another ploy of the media is to slap misleading “fact checks” on anything that exposes abortion. When confronted with the topic of later abortions, just like Psaki, they claim that they never or rarely happen and if they do it’s almost entirely due to emergency situations – offering zero evidence to back that claim.

But they’re desperately out of touch with real-world data. If there is one thing pro-life advocates and the abortion industry actually agree on, it’s that the vast majority of abortions involve healthy babies and healthy mothers. These abortions occur for social reasons such as financial pressure, relationship problems and feeling unprepared for the responsibilities of parenthood.

Pro-abortion researchers themselves admit that most women seeking late-term abortions “are not doing so for reasons of fetal anomaly or life endangerment,” but that their reasons are non-emergencies. And the very sad reality is, America is only one of just seven countries in the world (alongside human rights abusers like China and North Korea) that allow abortion after five months.

Not only do those pushing the abortion agenda want to act like late-term abortions never happen, but they also want to play musical chairs with definitions like viability and health so they can avoid answering clearly.

For many, the catch-all phrase “health of the woman” allows for all-trimester abortions. But once you dig into the definition of health, you see that the U.S. Supreme Court defined health for abortions as social, financial and emotional.

Groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood (multi-million-dollar donors to Democrats) aren’t shy about wanting limitless abortions on demand. “We’re going to go for the most expansive, most broad access that we can get…” touts NARAL President Mini Timmaraju

“We would never advocate for a false or politically determined limit on abortion,” said Pamela Merritt, executive director of Medical Students for Choice. “Viability is an arbitrary line. It’s a legacy of Roe that we don’t need to resurrect.” And abortionists like Dr. Warren Hern mock the idea of viability of a baby in the womb. Hern has performed up-to-birth abortions for over half a century and says the term viability has no limit. Many like Hern say that the viability of a fetus is determined not by gestational age, but by a woman’s willingness to carry it.

Last year, after the Dobbs decision overturned Roe, I went to D.C. as an observer to see the protestors outside the Supreme Court. Not a single protestor was holding a Safe, Legal, Rare Abortion sign or Early Abortions Only sign. Instead, I saw a sea of “Abortion on Demand” signs and a woman in her third trimester with the words “Not Yet A Human” painted on her bulging baby belly.

Jen Psaki needs to open her eyes. Today’s Democratic party is the party of late-term abortions. Don’t believe me? Just look at this month’s Gallup poll – 59% of Democrats say they are for abortion at any time, for any reason.

Psaki, stop gaslighting the American people. Either come clean about where Democrats stand or rethink the position.

Either way, just be honest.

LifeNews Note: E.V. Osment is vice president of Communications for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

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