A Republican state legislator is not happy with radically pro-abortion New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. The Democrat has signed multiple bills — including one allowing abortions up to birth — and she recently signed another pro-abortion bill into law adding legal protections for abortionists to a long list of actions that seek to expand the killing of unborn babies in elective abortions.

Grisham, a pro-abortion activist who claims to be Catholic, signed the bill surrounded by applauding abortion activists.

“We are going to stand firm and make it clear that we are going to protect providers and women and their families and the LGBTQ community in every possible way then codify that work in statute,” the governor said.

The new law, Senate Bill 13, prohibits state and local government bodies from providing information or otherwise helping pro-life states investigate and discipline abortionists for killing unborn babies in violation of their laws.

Rep. John Block, R-Alamogordo, has had enough. He called Grisham a murderer on Twitter.

I find this woman to be a murderer,” he said in the tweet.

In a new interview, the pro-life legislator defended the tweet and the statement about Grisham.

“I find that hilarious that we would even consider having that conversation when far-left Democrat members have posted horrific things, such as saying every Republican is a seditionist who should be branded with a red S, when other representatives or senators call their constituents and other New Mexicans pendejos [stupid] and when you see the far-left get away with murder,” he said.

“I think that calling out a murderer to their face is something that should be welcomed because I think our political discourse should be in the public square where it is, and I think if we’re supporting our constituents and however they believe, then we’re doing our jobs as legislators,” he added.

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But a representative for Grisham slammed Block in comments to the news outlet.

A spokeswoman for the governor decried the tweets.

“The governor is saddened — but, unfortunately, not shocked — at this type of hateful rhetoric coming from a member of the Republican Party,” Maddy Hayden wrote in an email.

“Comments like these absolutely have the potential to incite violence, including to the governor, her family and colleagues, and it is telling that party leadership remains silent on this out-of-line tweet,” she added.

With the new bill the governor signed, lawmakers claimed their intent is to remove any “abusive litigation,” including interstate litigation that would interfere with what the new law defines as “protected health care,” meaning elective abortions for any reason up to birth and transgender procedures, according to the New Mexico Alliance for Life.

The pro-life organization warned that another section of the new law also could be used to censor pro-life free speech.

The legislation creates fines of up to $10,000 to punish anyone that uses electronic communication to “deter” or cause “emotional distress” to someone seeking an abortion or transgender treatment. This potentially could affect sidewalk counselors, pregnancy resource centers and pro-life organizations that compassionately and peacefully encourage pregnant mothers to choose life for their babies.

“What does this bill have to do, if anything, to protect New Mexico citizens outside of the 1 percent of the abortion lobby who benefits,” New Mexico Alliance for Life founder Elisa Martinez testified to lawmakers earlier this spring. “We’re also told the reason this bill must pass is to accommodate women from out-of-state and their abortions, while the anti-speech portion of this bill and its $10,000 fine is ridiculous as it is tyrannical.”

Grisham and pro-abortion Democrats who control the state legislature have been working aggressively to expand killing unborn babies in abortions. In March, she also signed House Bill 7 to thwart local voters’ efforts to protect unborn babies by passing pro-life ordinances at the city and county level.

In 2021, Grisham signed a law repealing a 1969 statute that prohibited abortions except in cases of rape, incest or threats to the mother’s life. The statute was not in effect at the time because of Roe v. Wade, and repealing it ensured that abortion on demand remains legal in the state.

Then, in August in response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Grisham, who claims to be Catholic, announced plans to spend $10 million taxpayer dollars to build a new abortion facility near the Texas border.

New Mexico has some of the most pro-abortion laws in the country. The state allows unborn babies to be aborted for any reason up to birth and forces taxpayers to pay for their deaths.

According to Centers for Disease Control data, New Mexico abortion facilities reported 3,942 abortions in 2019. However, reporting is voluntary and the number may be higher.

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