Jessica Barnes knows God intervened in her life just as she was about to abort her unborn son.

Live Action News reports Barnes was desperate and alone when she decided to schedule an abortion appointment. She scheduled one and then another and then another, but something kept holding her back.

After four missed appointments, Barnes chose life for her son, Ezekiel, knowing that God would take care of them. Eleven years later, she told Live Action that she hopes her story and her son’s life will encourage other mothers to choose life for their babies.

Barnes grew up in a difficult home and later spent time in foster care. She told Live Action that her biological father once told her that she was supposed to be “another one of her mom’s abortions”; her biological mother eventually committed suicide.

When Barnes found out she was pregnant, she said she was 21 years old and attending college. She said she had no money, home or family support, and the baby’s father was struggling with a drug addiction.

“When you’re pushed into that corner and it’s you … so I was the one contemplating abortion,” she told Live Action News. “My friend Danielle … was like, ‘Jessica, you can’t have an abortion. You’ll never forgive yourself.’”

Barnes did struggle with the idea because she was pro-life and a Christian, but she also felt afraid.

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On her way to her first abortion appointment, she said she had an anxiety attack and could not make herself walk through the doors of the abortion facility. The same thing happened two more times: She scheduled an appointment and then did not go.

When she scheduled a fourth appointment, Barnes said an employee told her that she was approaching the legal limit for an abortion and if she did not come in, they would not be able to do the abortion.

“So I told God, ‘I’m definitely having this abortion, I can’t have this baby. I don’t have the means to take care of it so I’m just gonna have to forgive myself later and You’re gonna have to forgive me,’” she remembered. “And I told God, ‘If you don’t want me to have this abortion then you have to physically stop me because I’m just gonna numb myself out and do it even though I’m totally against it.’”

On the way to the appointment with her baby’s father, she said his vehicle got a flat tire and she missed the appointment.

“And instantly, I was overwhelmed with a complete sense of peace and I never questioned it again,” Barnes said. “I knew no matter what happened it was gonna be okay.”

She said she named her son Ezekiel because it means “God strengthens.” She said Ezekiel is a generous and kind 11-year-old who blesses many people’s lives. Last year, she said he gave away his only birthday present, a $50 bill, to a waitress as a tip. When she argued with him about it, he told her “’We’re doing God’s work, and we don’t know what she needs that money for.’”

Barnes encouraged mothers who are contemplating abortion not to give into their fears and to choose life.

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