Sarah Eubanks is one of more than 600 former abortion workers who have quit the abortion industry and found help through the pro-life movement.

The Alabama native recently shared her story with CBN News, explaining how God transformed and saved her after many years of “sin and shame.”

As a child, Eubanks said she went to church regularly with her family, but she quickly rejected her Christian upbringing.

When she was a teenager, she “told God, ‘I am good without you, I don’t need you,’” Eubanks told CBN News. She began doing drugs and became promiscuous – behavior that led her to become pregnant at age 19 and seek out an abortion.

“I had hardened my heart so much to where I would not have heard God if He was trying to talk to me,” she said.

While she was in nursing school, Eubanks said she found a job at The Ladies Center, an abortion facility in Mobile, Alabama.

“They wanted somebody to do the dirty work,” she said, remembering how the manager pushed her to “move ever faster to get the girls in and out, like a revolving door, along with all the other administrative duties we had to do …”

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Other former abortion workers have shared similar experiences, describing their former employers as profit-driven abortion practices that rushed women through because they care more about money than their patients.

Eubanks said she and her co-workers pretended to care more than they really did.

“It was our schtick, a façade, a manipulation of the women there. They believed we cared about their emotional well-being, but that was simply not true,” she told CBN News. “Here is the real story: More abortions equal more money for the company, which equals more job security for us. That is it. To care is to waste time. If any of us ever did grow a conscience, management would probably crush it.”

Working in the abortion facility hardened her heart even more. She said one of her jobs was to “piece together” the aborted baby’s body parts to make sure nothing was left in the mother’s womb. She estimated that she helped to abort at least 5,000 unborn babies.

During that time, Eubanks said she blocked out God from her life.

“So if He was trying to reach me I definitely had too many demons to let it penetrate my mind or my soul,” she said.

After four years, however, Eubanks said she decided to quit. And when a friend invited her to church, she went. Slowly, her heart began to change, and, two years later, she became a Christian, she said.

“[God] saved me from any sin and shame that I had before in my life. And it has been a process,” she said.

Here’s more from the report:

In 2014, Eubanks attended a healing retreat led by former Planned Parenthood director-turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson. Eubanks said that is when God began a deep work to heal the pain of the past, including an abortion she had when she was 19 years old.

… Eubanks added, “That’s one of the cool things with God. It’s not just a one and that’s all. It’s going to be daily for the rest of our lives that God is going to show up and show us His grace and His beauty. It is not just a one-time thing…God still shows up big with His grace and His hope.”

Johnson’s And Then There Were None has helped more than 600 abortion workers quit since it began. The pro-life ministry offers counseling, retreats, financial aid, job assistance and other support to former workers like Eubanks.

Now, she said, “I finally feel free.”

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