Sonya Curry trusted that God would work everything together for good when she drove away from the abortion facility, still carrying her unborn son.

Now, more than 30 years later, her son Steph Curry is one of the biggest names in the NBA. He and his mother also are vocal about their Christian faith.

In an interview on the “Your Mom” podcast this week, Sonya Curry talked about why she decided to share how she almost aborted her son in her new memoir “Fierce Love,” according to the New York Post. She also had an abortion prior to conceiving Stephen.

“For me to be able to share that story for people to know, one, so many people are struggling with it, and it’s OK. It’s OK that you are struggling with it,” Sonya Curry told the podcast. “Two, the decision that I made to keep him at that point is also counter with the decision that I made to not carry through with the previous pregnancy.”

Sharing the story publicly has been part of her healing process, she said. The NBA athlete’s mother urged women not to carry the burden of guilt for considering or having an abortion, reminding them that there is grace.

“You don’t have to carry a lot of judgment forever. Give ourselves some grace in making the decision with what we had to make the decision with when we made it,” she said.

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Looking back, Curry said she now sees how God worked everything together for good.

“So God is just bringing it all together and showing me to be able to say, ‘Hey, here’s this decision I made at this point, and look at the blessing that he has become,’ and I just thank God for that and I just say to God that it was meant to be,” she said.

Growing up poor, Sonya Curry said she was determined to rise above her circumstances and succeed. In college, she worked hard to make the most of her education and competed with the school volleyball team, according to the Christian Post.

Then, she discovered she was pregnant. Curry said she did not want to quit college and fall back into the poverty of her youth, and she did not know if her baby’s father would be supportive.

Curry decided to have an abortion and scheduled an appointment at a Planned Parenthood in Virginia, she said. In the parking lot, however, she sat in the car, hesitant to walk inside; she said her heart changed about her unborn child and she eventually drove away.

She told the podcast this week: “… my favorite scripture says that all things get worked together for the good, and those called according to His purposes and praise Jesus. It all worked out. There’s Stephen, and look what he’s doing, and it’s just amazing to me.”

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