Evil is relentless. Good is even stronger.

The pro-abortion side has long been waging a war against women. Yes…remember those human beings that the Left has reduced to “people with periods,” “uterus owners” and “birthing people”? Pro-Abortion activists will stop at nothing to protect the violence of abortion in New York, California, Vermont, Illinois, and Michigan and other states. But this war isn’t just aimed at exploiting and erasing women. Its goal is to deny the humanity of the unborn (18,488 killed in Ohio in 2022 which is 51 killed per day) as well as that of children born. Nationwide, there are 64 million reasons to stop this pro-abortion recklessness. This is the number of lives sacrificed for so-called “choice” since Roe. That’s the cost of a nation that has failed to, as articulated in the Preamble of our Constitution, “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Yes. Our children.

Vote NO on Issue One, Ohio! You can see a video breakdown of this insane effort here.

Issue One will make unlimited abortion (yes, up until birth) a constitutional right in the Buckeye state. Issue One’s title is, itself, a lie: The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety. It actually erases every state law regarding regulating abortion mills and holding abortionists accountable. It will erase every existing law limiting abortion including Ohio’s Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Dismemberment Abortion Ban, Down Syndrome Abortion Ban, and all parental notice and consent laws. You see, the wording doesn’t mention women, but an “individual,” which means that anyone — woman, man or child — is entitled to the ever-expansive “reproductive freedom” the initiative is deceptively touting.

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The initiative begins with: “Every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decision, including but not limited to decisions on:


fertility treatment;

continuing one’s own pregnancy;

miscarriage care;

and abortion.

Every one of those listed is already allowed (with minimal restrictions on contraception regarding age). The only that isn’t is abortion. Even that’s allowed, currently, through 22 weeks in Ohio. And the one the pro-abortion side conveniently doesn’t mention but has been campaigning about since the summer is “gender-affirming care” otherwise known as gender-mutilating drugs and surgeries. Yes. Even (born) children will have the right to be mutilated.

Only abortionists and peddlers of transgender surgeries are empowered by this horrible law. Issue One isn’t about promoting health and safety but propaganda and profits for the abortion and gender-mangling industries. Which political Party is fighting for Issue One? The same Party that enslaved people of my color. The same Party that went to war to defend the inhumane institution of chattel slavery. The same Party that founded the KKK and terrorized both black and white Republicans. The same Party, when defeated by Lincoln and the Union, resorted to Jim Crow laws that made us separate and unequal.

The same Democratic Party that denied people of my complexion our personhood, is doing the very same to women and children. The rabidly pro-abortion Democratic Party still doesn’t believe that we’re created equal. Speaking of our nation’s creed, the group Created Equal, has created powerful ads that expose the insanity of the pro-abortion side’s push to make Ohio like California (see here and here). Also, see the state’s Attorney General’s legal analysis of the proposed amendment here.

Worse yet, Democrats and their pro-abortion allies want to make Ohio’s laws on abortion as shockingly extreme as North Korea’s – meaning there will be zero limitations. Even leftist European nations have 12-15 week bans. The pro-abortion lobby in Ohio (and across the country) has been bizarrely claiming abortion bans are “racist, harmful, classist, and a tool of white supremacy.” Sure, when abortion is the leading killer of black lives, preventing such loss of life must be racist.

We’re told police brutality is the “civil rights issue of our day” yet Planned Parenthood kills over 360 black lives every single day. Police-involved shootings led to the deaths of 225 black individuals in 2022 (where 85% of those killed were armed with a deadly weapon). Why do criminals get more outrage from the woke than the innocent? The abortion industry was created by eugenicists who were virulent racists. Planned Parenthood was, and is, undeniably steeped in racism. Even its own current and former employees admitted: “We know that Planned Parenthood has a history and a present steeped in white supremacy…” Sadly, they still could not recognize that killing innocent human beings and exploiting their mothers is the result of that anti-human supremacy.

Yet today, people of my complexion who lead pro-abortion organizations proudly carry on what Fannie Lou Hamer called “genocide.”

One hundred Black pastors from Ohio feel the same way. They issued a letter calling on Ohioans to vote NO on Issue One, proclaiming, in part: “The Black community has been the target of the abortion industry for decades, beginning with the deplorable ideology of racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, whose Planned Parenthood organization purposefully established abortion mills in minority neighborhoods and targeted our communities for abortions.” It’s why my organization, The Radiance Foundation, launched a billboard campaign in Cleveland several years ago to counter the state’s largest abortion mill – Preterm – which placed billboards in predominantly black neighborhoods proclaiming: “Abortion is necessary,” “Abortion is equality,” “Abortion is a family value.”

The alliance fighting to make the violence of abortion and other destructive “reproductive decisions” constitutional rights also includes: Ohio Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, ACLU of Ohio, Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights, Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom, and Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights. In other words, George Soros.

They’ve outraised the pro-life side by nearly 3 to 1 ($28.7 million versus $9.9 million).

The Protect Women Ohio PAC is leading the fight against Issue One. The Pro-Life side may be outspent, but money doesn’t equal morality. And it doesn’t mean victory. Your vote matters!

Ohio. Say NO to Issue One. Prove that good can beat evil.

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