The science of fetal development is responsible for changing countess hearts and minds on the issue of abortion. Supermodel Kathy Ireland is no exception.

Ireland read medical books to come to the pro-life view.

“What I learned,” she in 2011, “was that at the moment of conception, a new life comes into being. The DNA, the genetic blueprint is there.”

At the time Ireland announced she was pro-life, people told her it would ruin her career. But 12 years later she is still going strong.

“Once you know the truth, it’s hard to un-know it,” she emphasized in a new interview with Lila Rose of LiveAction.

“I didn’t want to be pro-life, it wasn’t part of my plan,” she recalled, but added that “once you know the truth, and you know a human being’s life is in danger, nothing else matters.”

“I was told this would kill my career,” the former model explained, adding that the pushback, however, was “irrelevant” to her.

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“I had business colleagues say, ‘Just don’t even touch this subject,’ ‘This will kill your career.’ And I was like, no, if I have an opportunity to speak about life, of course I’m gonna take it, I don’t care if the career is killed,” the former model said. “We’re talking about a baby being killed!”

“If our business goes down the toilet, so be it,” Ireland recalled a conversation with a former business partner. “If one woman watching cancels her appointment, it is so worth it.”

“The Lord will provide,” Ireland added, “it’s gonna work out.”

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