Here’s Beth’s story. Beth is a photographer, and I will be sharing more in upcoming months about a project she is working on that embraces the beauty of life.

“I am 25 years old and a product of multiple failed abortion attempts. I was born in India to an unwed 15 year old who felt her only option was abortion. My birth mother went to abort me but was stopped due to running into an old friend of hers, who was also connected with my (adoptive) parents, which is where the adoption process began. In the care of this women, my birth mother tried again to get rid of her unborn child.

She ate some fruit that would induce early labor resulting in my death, she also attempted to throw herself out the window killing us both as well as once she was finally in labor, she attempted to keep it a secret with the possible intention to kill me after I was born. I do not blame her for any of this and realize it was the pressure of the culture forcing her decisions.

The Lord had other plans for my life. I have had the immense blessing in my life to be adopted not only once but twice – first physically then spiritually. It’s a blessing as undeserving as I am, to have been chosen, in a very real way, to be part of both of these families. And yet, when I was younger it was something I had to work through as my eldest brother sexually abused me for nearly 10 years and living in constant fear of whether or not my (adoptive) family would choose his side if I told because he was blood family and I was “just adopted”.



These are a big part of who I am and my testimony – not something I would have chosen but not something I would take back either as I am able to tell of God’s faithfulness through every circumstance.

These areas of my life have made Proverbs 16:9 very real to me, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

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