Former NFL coach and foster dad Tony Dungy took time out of his busy schedule Friday to advocate for unborn babies at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

An NBC Sports analyst, he told the crowd: “This march is taking place right at the biggest time of my profession, the NFL playoffs. This is way, way, way more important,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“Every day in this country, innocent lives are at stake,” Dungy continued, asking Americans to pray for an end to abortion, The Recount reports.

Dungy served as one of the keynote speakers at the March for Life, which drew hundreds of thousands of Americans to the nation’s capital to celebrate the end of Roe v. Wade and call for restored protections for unborn babies nationwide.

In his speech, Dungy brought up an example of how society does value life, at least in some circumstances. He talked about the recent outpouring of prayers and support for Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin after he suffered a heart attack earlier this month at a game in Ohio.

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“Those prayers were answered. Damar’s recovering now, he’s home, he’s been released from the hospital,” the former coach said. “But what’s the lesson in that? An unbelievable thing happened that night in a professional football game with millions of dollars of ticket money on the line. That game was canceled. Why? Because a life was at stake. And people wanted to see that life saved.”

Dungy said even NFL players who don’t consider themselves religious prayed for God to heal Hamlin — an encouraging sign.

“That’s exactly why we’re here: Because every day in this country, innocent lives are at stake,” he said. “The only difference is they don’t belong to a famous athlete, and they’re not seen on national TV. But those lives are still important to God and in God’s eyes.”

His wife, Lauren Dungy, also spoke at the march, sharing how they have lived out their pro-life beliefs, in part, by fostering many children and adopting eight, according to the Examiner.

“We believe that we’re being obedient to God’s calling on our lives,” she said in a recent interview with CBN News. “… We both love children and are passionate about mentoring, supporting, and encouraging children and actually people of all ages.”

For their bold stance for life, the Dungys are facing criticism – and even calls for Tony to be fired from his NBC Sports position – simply because they believe every human being, born and unborn, is valuable and they are not afraid to say it.

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