Unborn babies’ lives are being saved all across Tennessee as the abortion industry goes out of business.

One abortion facility in Bristol already closed and a second in Knoxville will shut down at the end of this week, according to Tennessee Lookout.

Their life-destroying businesses cannot function any longer with the heartbeat law in place and a total abortion ban expected to go into effect soon.

Tennessee quickly began protecting unborn babies from abortions once their heartbeats are detectable after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in late June. The state also has a trigger law that bans all abortions, except when the mother’s life is at risk, that is slated to take effect 30 days after the Supreme Court formally enters its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health.

Its pro-life laws already are saving lives. Abortion facilities that once killed an average of 800 unborn babies in abortions every month are rapidly going out of business or moving to other states where abortions remain legal.

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The Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health did abortions for 47 years in Tennessee, but its last day of business is Thursday, according to the report.

The Planned Parenthood facilities in Nashville and Memphis also stopped aborting unborn babies, although they remain open to “navigate” abortions for Tennessee women traveling to other states.

The Bristol Regional Women’s Health Center already closed because of the heartbeat law, shutting down after more than 30 years, but it plans to open a new abortion facility in Bristol, Virginia where abortions are still legal, the report continues.

Two remaining abortion facilities, CHOICES Memphis Center for Reproductive Health and Carafem in Mt. Juliet, are still aborting unborn babies but on a very limited basis; once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy, they are no longer allowed to abort them, according to the report.

Once the full abortion ban goes into effect, CHOICES plans to close and move to Carbondale, Illinois, where abortions are legal for basically any reason without limits. Carafem also is expected to close.

While some women will travel to other states for abortions, many will have their babies instead. Pro-life laws do save lives, and even abortion activists admit it.

“… recent studies show that the majority of women who are prevented from reaching an abortion provider due to travel distance give birth as a result,” a group of 154 pro-abortion economists and researchers told the U.S. Supreme Court in a brief last year.

Diana Green Foster, a widely known abortion activist and researcher at the University of California San Francisco, wrote at Rewire in 2019: “Stop saying that making abortion illegal won’t stop people from having them. … [O]nly 48 percent of unintended pregnancies are aborted in countries where abortion is illegal compared to 69 percent where it is legal indicates that many women have to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.”

Pro-life advocates believe thousands of babies will be saved from abortions every year as a result of the Tennessee pro-life laws. There were 9,987 abortions in 2018, according to a state health department report.

Meanwhile, pro-life advocates are working to expand support for mothers and babies through pregnancy resource centers and other charities that help families in need.

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