I have spent most of my life fighting to open our nation’s eyes to the violence of abortion and the extremism of U.S. policy that makes us a global outlier.

Yet despite all the pro-abortion horrors I’ve witnessed, even I was unprepared for NPR’s inappropriate and disturbing audio recording in which listeners were subjected to the painful moaning of a mother undergoing an abortion, in pain and potentially deep emotional distress, while the whirring of a vacuum sucked out the life of her child.

Though heartbreaking, this audio recording demonstrates the horrific reality of abortion that pro-abortion advocates have spent years fighting to hide from the public with euphemisms about “choice” and “rights.” Listeners were shocked by the mere sounds of the vacuum, which a former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, claims has 10-20 times the suction power of a normal household vacuum.

Imagine being the 11-week-old baby whose life it ended.

Science shows that at 11 weeks, babies have 4,000 distinct body parts, including fingers, eyes and toes. They also already display a preference for left or right hand.

Unborn babies have heartbeats as early as 6 weeks and by at least 15 weeks, possibly earlier, they can feel pain. Despite these facts, NPR glossed over the 11-week-old baby killed in the recording as if this abortion was just a normal and routine procedure.

They also seemed to care little for the mother, whose pain was exploited for all the world to hear. We will likely never know her fate, but we do know that abortion can result in life-threatening complications, as well as serious long-term emotional and mental health impacts. Because much of society – conditioned by the pro-abortion language of “choice” and “women’s rights” – doesn’t recognize their loss, countless women all too often grieve in silence after abortion.

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Many of these moms have come forward to share their tragic stories, and testify that they regret their abortions. But the pro-abortion movement is far too busy pushing their lucrative agenda of abortion on demand to notice or worry about the lives they are ending, and the women they are exploiting for profit.

Thankfully, the Dobbs victory has already allowed the people and their lawmakers to save tens of thousands of lives from the pain of abortion by enacting commonsense pro-life protections in about two dozen states. Yet these major gains are threatened by candidates who would mandate abortion on demand up to the moment of birth – even after babies have heartbeats, are fully formed and can feel pain – paid for by taxpayers, in all 50 states. Americans overwhelmingly want some limits on abortion and only 10% of them agree with this radical stance.

This election cycle alone, Democrats have reportedly spent a whopping $415 million on their abortion ads.

Yet though NPR’s intent was to “normalize” abortion ahead of the midterms, it seems to be having the opposite effect – perhaps because Democrats’ extreme positions are wildly out of touch with the mainstream of America.

After decades of gaslighting and euphemisms, NPR unwittingly, exposed the painful truth about abortion by putting Americans in the room with the mother and baby, helping them to feel their pain and to envision the reality of what Democrats support up close.

That is not health care, and it is certainly not normal. The pro-life movement is winning as hearts and minds continue to change when confronted with the reality of abortion.

Unfortunately for the abortion lobby, NPR’s attempt to exploit this heartbreaking recording for political gain is likely to backfire at the polls on Tuesday.

LifeNews Note: Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of SBA Pro-Life America.

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