Since we were just there Thursday, Sylvia and I weren’t going to go to PP today, but since it is the feast of the Holy Innocents, we went over for an hour.

Sylvia saw five clients in front and gave out three brochures.  She also addressed again the abortion worker she has been seeing come in and out each week.

I saw six cars at the driveway and gave out one set of brochures.  I also prayed with a homeless woman who walked by.  I ask further prayers for her.  We’ll call her V.  Thanks.

it is said that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church, and i thought today how that is especially true of the blood of children.  Not only were poor babies slaughtered by the rage of Herod against the Christ Child, but Pharaoh in his fear of the Israelites commanded all Hebrew boys be drowned, though we know Moses was drawn from the water to lead the people of God to freedom and found a holy nation.  I pray the slaughter of so many innocents in our midst today bear similar fruit unto Heaven, by the grace and almighty power of God.

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1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Decisions Legalized Abortion in the U.S. for theFull Nine Months of Pregnancy Prior to 1967, abortion was prohibited in all 50 states except when the mother’s life was in danger. Between 1967 and 1973, 18 states added further exceptions, mostly to allow abortion in cases of rape and incest, or for certain limited medical reasons, or on demand (New York). In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court rendered two decisions, Roe v. Wade 1 and Doe v. Bolton 2 which, taken together, have allowed legal abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy in all 50 states. The two original decisions established legal abortion as follows: In the first three months of pregnancy, no one can interfere with a woman’s decision to abort her child. After the first three months, but before the “viability” of the unborn child, an individual state can enact laws to protect the health of the mother but cannot prohibit the abortion of the unborn child. After “viability” of the unborn child, an individual state can, if it chooses to do so, enact laws to protect the unborn child but abortion must be allowed if the life or “health” of the mother is at stake. The Supreme Court defined “health” as “the medical judgment that may be exercised in light of all factors – physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age –relevant to the well-being of the patient. All these factors may relate to health.” 2 Consequently, the broad definition of “health” has made abortion legal up to the moment of birth.

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