When it comes to abortion, what’s the most reasonable thing to do? According to Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, the answer is protecting babies.

Virginia currently allows abortions up to 26 weeks (though exceptions essentially alow it beyond that point) – well past the 21-22 week point of viability when a baby can live outside the womb. Democrats want to push all the way for abortions up to birth.

But Youngkin says he wants to push a 15-week ban forward that would protect babies from abortions with rape and incest exceptions, saying this is a “moment for us to come together around reasonable limits.”

“This is a reasonable place for us to land,” Youngkin said on ABC’s “This Week.” “What’s on the ballot, I think, is a choice between no limits and reasonable limits, and I think this is one where Virginians come together around reasonableness.”

With control of the Virginia legislature and the direction of the state on abortion up for grabs, pro-life Governor Glenn Youngkin has released a television commercial blasting the state’s Democrats for supporting abortions up to birth.

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Virginia Republicans are wanting to win back the legislature in total, which would allow them to pass pro-life legislation and get it to Youngkin’s desk. Youngkin (R) put out a $1.4 million ad buy focusing on abortion to amplify how Democrats are the real radicals on abortion ahead of November’s elections.

Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and House of Delegates are presently neck-and-neck. Democrats currently have a four-seat advantage in the Senate while Republicans hold a four-seat advantage in the House. And with every other state in the South passing legislation protecting babies from abortion, Virginia at risk of becoming an abortion tourism destination.

The ads dispel the false claim that Republicans are trying to ban all abortions without exception.

“Look, I know everyone in our caucus understands Virginians as a whole do not want a ban,” Republican House Speaker Todd Gilbert told the Dispatch. “We’ve been full-throated and clear that 15 weeks is where we are as public policy.”

Here’s more:

The 30-second ad, which was shared first with NBC News, hits Virginia Democrats for calling the GOP position on abortion a “ban” and is filled with the sounds of a baby cooing and an ultrasound heartbeat audible throughout it. “It’s disinformation,” it begins. “Politics at its worst.”

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“There is no ban,” the ad goes on, reminding viewers of the position Youngkin has endorsed this election cycle — what he calls a a 15-week “limit” on abortion with exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. The proposal is at the center of Republicans’ push to retake the Virginia state Senate and keep the state House of Delegates this fall, which would give the party unified control to enact a new abortion law and other elements of the GOP legislative agenda.

“That’s where we are,” Youngkin said in a statement. “That’s what we’re going to work for — to protect life at 15 weeks.”

“We’re not going to let progressive liberal left lie to win an election,” said Dave Rexrode, chairman of Spirit of Virginia.

The result of the election is important because Virginia essentially allows abortions up to birth currently.

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