A popular pro-abortion YouTube personality was caught in his own hypocrisy Thursday when he argued pregnant women should not do meth because they are “intentionally trying to kill a child.”

Lance, a democratic socialist from the YouTube channel “The Serfs,” made the comment during a discussion about abortion with Tim Pool, a former VICE journalist and popular political moderate who now hosts his own show on YouTube.

According to the Daily Wire, Lance began defending his pro-abortion position by arguing that a woman should have the “ultimate authority over what happens to her body.”

But when Pool asked him about pregnant mothers who abuse drugs, Lance responded with a contradictory view.

“What about meth?” Pool asked.

Lance said pregnant mothers should not do meth, and it is “completely acceptable” for child protective services to become involved in such situations.

Pool pressed him on the issue, commenting, “It’s her body, though. … If she wants to do meth, what’s the big deal?”

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“The big deal is that it’s – she’s intentionally trying to kill a child,” Lance replied.

A short pause followed as Lance appeared to realize what he had said.

“Hold on there a minute,” Pool reacted.

“Yeah, I see where you’re …” Lance trailed off. He went on to try to justify his response by saying that “meth is illegal,” but the truth already was clear.

Afterward, Pool shared the section of their interview on Twitter, writing, “I love my job.”

I love my job https://t.co/QDtrXFi7sY

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) May 5, 2023

The purpose of an abortion is to kill an unborn baby, something Lance unintentionally admitted to be wrong.

But, like the YouTuber, many states also have contradictory laws that recognize unborn babies as valuable human beings in many circumstances – but not others. For example, most states have specific charges and penalties for perpetrators who injure or kill an unborn baby while committing a crime, such as drunk driving or assaulting the pregnant mother. However, many of these same states allow the intentional killing of unborn babies in abortions for any reason.

What’s more, many news outlets celebrate “unborn babies” when the baby is wanted, whether it be a celebrity’s or an unborn child who has undergone a successful new experimental surgery. But when news outlets report about abortion, they switch to terms like “fetus” and “embryo” or fail to mention the unborn baby at all.

So, Lance alone is not to blame. The problem is cultural. Wanted or unwanted, babies in the womb are valuable human beings who deserve a right to life.

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