The Wisconsin Supreme Court election on Tuesday could affect the fate of thousands of unborn babies’ lives for years to come.

Conservative candidate Dan Kelly is running against pro-abortion leftist Janet Protasiewicz in the expensive, high-stakes race, which will determine if the court maintains its conservative majority. The outcome Tuesday likely will be the deciding factor on whether unborn babies continue to be protected from abortion in Wisconsin.

Kelly, who formerly served on the court, has received endorsements from a number of prominent pro-life organizations, including Wisconsin Family Action, Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Right to Life, according to the Catholic News Agency.

On his campaign website, Kelly says he is a “constitutional conservative” who will judge fairly.

He is running to replace retiring conservative Justice Patience Roggensack on the 4-3 conservative majority Wisconsin Supreme Court as several major cases head its way, including a challenge to the state abortion ban.

Here’s more from CNA:

Wisconsin is the only state in the nation with a pre-Roe v. Wade abortion ban in effect, at least on paper. Wisconsin’s ban, which is contained in Section 940.04 of the Wisconsin Statutes and dates to 1849, allows abortion only to save the life of the mother. …

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Pro-abortion groups within and outside Wisconsin have identified the state Supreme Court race as the key to getting 940.04 overturned. [Democrat] Gov. Tony Evers, along with Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, announced a lawsuit last year to attempt to overturn the law, arguing that it has been superseded by subsequent legislation and cannot be enforced.

Under Roe, abortions were legal for any reason up to 20 weeks in Wisconsin, and more than 6,400 unborn babies were aborted every year. Now, the state law is saving thousands of lives.

But pro-abortion groups are spending huge amounts of money to support Protasiewicz and return Wisconsin to the days when unborn babies could be legally killed for any elective reason half way through pregnancy.

Pro-life groups also have been investing in the election, but, as is typical, the pro-abortion candidate, Protasiewicz, has vastly outraised Kelly, bringing in $10 million from pro-abortion groups and other leftist causes, according to The Guardian.

Pro-abortion leaders, including former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, also have been campaigning for Protasiewicz, WIZM News Talk reports.

Meanwhile, pro-life and Christian organizations have been working hard to remind voters that innocent children’s lives are at stake.

In February, the Wisconsin Catholic Conference urged Catholics to make the right to life for unborn babies a top priority when they vote Tuesday, according to CNA.

“Human reason tells us that the right to life is the first and fundamental right. Without life, none of our basic human rights — such as food, shelter, liberty — can be exercised,” the conference told voters in its Feb. 14 newsletter. “In addition, our Catholic faith holds that every human being, at every stage of life, is made in the image and likeness of God. When we encounter one another, we should do so with the understanding that we are encountering someone of transcendent worth, who like us is deserving of respect and protection from conception to natural death.”

Currently, Wisconsin is one of 14 states that protect unborn babies from abortion, and more are working to do the same this spring.

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