Yesterday, Governor John Bel Edwards responded to pro-abortion attempts to add rape and incest exceptions to the 2022 Human Life Protection Act by, among other things, stating, “I simply do not understand how we as a state can tell any victim that she must be forced by law to carry her rapist’s baby to term.”

Heather Hobbs, a survivor of rape, testified in legislative committee on behalf of her daughter who was conceived in rape. On behalf of other survivors and people conceived in rape, she made the following comments in response to Gov. Edwards’ remarks.

She said, “Governor Edwards, it is offensive that you called my child the ‘rapist’s baby.’ Your continual use of that term is disrespectful to me, my child, all the survivors of sexual assault who are mothers, and those persons who were conceived in rape. The circumstances of my child’s conception may have been terrible, but my child is still precious. She still deserves your respect. I ask for an apology from you.”

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Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, also commented. He said, “I am disappointed that our historically pro-life Governor continues to disrespect those brave women who have survived sexual assault by calling the child conceived in rape a ‘rapist’s baby.’ Every person, no matter how they got here, deserves our protection. I call on Gov Edwards to apologize to these survivors and their children.”

In the committee, two women rape survivors from New Orleans anonymously submitted their testimony in opposition to adding rape and incest exceptions to our pro-life law. One woman wrote, “I don’t know the deepest corners of every mother’s story whose baby was conceived in violence. But I can tell you that, although my precious baby was conceived with violence, this little one was born with love and surrounded by my family.”

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