A series of “sex education” videos aimed at children on YouTube show fully nude cartoon depictions of pornography actors and tell kids that they do not need their parent’s permission for an abortion.

Bailey Duran warned parents about the YouTube channel Amaze Org this week in an article at The Federalist. A project of pro-abortion groups, the channel has more than 221,000 subscribers and its videos have more than 60 million views.

“It’s all explicit and not appropriate for children,” Duran wrote.

The videos are targeted at young adolescents and include topics such as abortion, gender and sexuality, pornography, masturbation and oral sex. Several videos also explicitly promote the billion-dollar abortion chain Planned Parenthood, while others blast pro-life pregnancy centers as “fake clinics.”

Nudity and sexual images are very common in the videos, as is misinformation. Amaze Org markets itself as a comprehensive sex education program for parents and children alike, but Duran described the content as “predatory.”

One video about pornography viewed by LifeNews shows cartoon images of fully nude male and female characters depicted as pornography actors. Later, the video also shows cartoon images of nude and partially nude teenagers. While YouTube does include a warning on the video, one only has to click past the warning to view it.

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Duran described another video about abortion:

One particular video discusses abortion with a purple monster as the friendly guide to all things abortion. The monster says abortion is always okay if that is what the “pregnant person” wants. He also lists some reasons people may choose to get an abortion, such as they don’t want a baby, they have too many kids already, or something is wrong with the baby.

It describes the abortion procedure as “very safe” and the vacuum that pulls the baby to pieces as it is removed from the womb as a “gentle suction.” It explains how in some states minors must obtain parental consent to get an abortion but in others they might be able to bypass their parents by going to a judge.

Other videos tell children that watching pornography is normal because “lots of people” do, and there is “no limit” to “how many times can a person masturbate in one day.”

According to The Federalist, many of the videos appear to violate YouTube’s content policy, which states, “Content that targets young minors and families but contains sexual themes, violence, obscene, or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences, is not allowed on YouTube.”

The project also has a second channel that is aimed at parents but includes “sex education” videos aimed at children as young as 2. The Amaze Org website also highlights an article titled, “The Case for Starting Sex Education in Kindergarten.”

It is possible that the Amaze Org is using Americans’ tax dollars to create the graphic videos, too. According to its website, one of the major partners in the project is the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which is funded by U.S. tax dollars under the Biden administration.

Interestingly, Georgetown University, a Catholic school, also is involved through its Institute for Reproductive Health, according to the website. Other partners include Advocates for Youth, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and DKT International, which sends millions of abortion “kits” to countries across the world.

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